Welcome! I am genuinely glad you have made to visit our webiste. I hope this is where you can find what you are looking for. Perhaps you wish to improve your health condition, boost your mood, search for relaxation, composure and a moment for yourself. Hence, it was my dream to create this friendly space to nurture our bodies, minds and souls. This is the exact concept that Back To The Roots is based on.

Hi there! This is Dominika. I am a graduate in medical biotechnology, and a certified enthusiast of natural therapy. Ever since my childhood years I have always been engaged with natural therapy and its effect on human health. It was back in 2016 when I decided to approach the subject of therapy in a more professional manner, and so, participated in a series of minor training sessions that turned into 3-year studies in natural therapy at the Studium Edukacji Ekologicznej i Profilaktyki Zdrowia (education in eco-friendly and preventive medicine) in Wroclaw.

Why natural therapy in the first place?

I have always been passionate about natural therapy and continuously sought to improve my skills in this field. I could see and witness the miraculous effects of a proper blend of herbs, supplements, and more importantly, complete detoxication on the human body. I firmly believe our health condition comes not only from within internal environment of the body but also from the environment we live in, people we have relations with, and emotions we live by. It is not possible to separate the mind from the body. An unsettled mind makes us feel frustrated, stressed, full of anger and remorse, which may later turn into a physical disorder of some kind. Each and every emotion is driven by relevant substance flowing through a human body with particular impact on it. It is for the same reason why this or any other type of illness or feeling low is to be considered as more than just a physical condition. In order to make it possible for my clients to go back to harmonious well-being I use my knowledge about Polish herbs, Chinese medicine, rudiments of Ayurveda, medical visualisation, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques.

Back To The Roots

For me the very concept of Back To The Roots exemplifies a return to living a simple life, healthy, unprocessed food, renewed contact with nature as much as paying more careful attention to the core of a problem. Without finding an actual cause it is difficult to fully recover from effects of a disorder. Going back to the roots allows us to improve our health condition for good, not just for a while.

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