Sound Massage

Full body massage therapy with singing bowls on a dedicated mattress with clothes on

Czas trwania: 1h



  • provides deep relaxation and composure – alpha and theta state of mind
  • relieves the human body of accumulated tension and stress
  • initiates self-healing processes
  • aids body detoxication
  • clears and structures the mind and thoughts
  • improves sleep quality
  • restores body harmony
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • aids body recovery

Sound Massage by Peter Hess is a deeply relaxing technique which requires that dedicated singing bowls (known as Tibetan bowls) be positioned onto the body of an individual. This technique has been developed upon the primeval knowledge regarding the essential effects of sound on the human body. According to the beliefs of native people of the East, a man is made of sound, and essentially, sound underlies his sheer existence. The concept of sound massage was conceived by Peter Hess, an engineering physicist, who carried out long term research on the effects of sound upon the human mind and body. Essentially, sound affects hearing as much as it affects internal organs and tissues. Pleasing perceptible vibrations spread from the relevant center throughout the body and induce deep relaxation allowing an individual to reach alpha, and more interestingly, theta state of mind. In other words, sound massage is like tuning an instrument where the instrument is a human body.

The procedure requires certified Peter Hess therapy singing bowls that are handmade in Nepal of 12 metal alloy. It may take from 30 up to 70 hours of uninterrupted work cycle to heat up the alloy 100 times in order to manufacture just one bowl. Each and every singing bowl is then a subject to triple inspection to make it meet the relevant standard for sound massage therapy by Peter Hess.


  • comfortable, buttonless/zipless clothing is required
  • no excessive meals prior to massage
  • no meals later than 1 hour prior to massage


  • the first trimester of pregnancy
  • acute inflammation and fever
  • cancer disease
  • infectious diseases
  • mental disorder
  • pacemaker (massage therapist is to be informed)