Bioresonance health test

with the Metatron Hunter 4025

Czas trwania: ok. 2h


Metatron Hunter 4025 can be used to diagnose physical conditions within and caused by

  • osteoarticular system
  • vascular and lymphatic system
  • nervous system
  • genitourinary system
  • respiratory system
  • digestive system
  • bacteria, viruses, mycosis, parasites
  • blood components, enzymes, hormones
  • allergens and environmental toxins

Metatron Hunter 4025, often referred to as „The Hunter”, is an advanced, non-invasive diagnostic device that may be succesfully used in various therapies. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and well-developed features, the device allows to efficiently diagnose anomalies at their early stage, and a number of cause for disorders draining the human body.

The entire procedure takes approximately 2 hours giving us a full insight into the health condition of a client including a thorough diagnosis of their relevant systems and organs as well as information on pathogens (parasites, mycosis, bacteria), toxins and heavy metal poisoning.

The research have revealed Metatron 4025 Hunter as an enormous progress in the development of non-linear system (NSL). Following a 5-year long legal debate and the decision of the Supreme Court in Munich from 14th May 2009 (reference no. 6 U 2187/06) it was ordered that clients, therapists and the public opinion be informed that NLS based bioresonance therapy enables to carry out painless screening tests and treatment therapies without hazardous side effects.


  • no coffee or tea on the day of examination
  • no meals 2 hours prior to examination
  • no pharmaceuticals (prescribed medication is fully allowed)
  • no smoking on the day of examination
  • no alcohol on the day of examination


  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy
  • metal elements in the body due to surgical procedures (titanium elements are allowed)
  • pacemaker
  • mental disorders