Czas trwania: ok. 30 min



  • gently removes excessive cerumen
  • prevents common cold, nose congestion, nasosinusitis, upper respiratory tract inflamation
  • soothes headache, migraine and tinnitus
  • reduces tinnitus
  • activates local blood circulation and metabolism
  • provides relaxation and composure

Ear-candling is a treatment method in natural therapy dating back to practices performed in medieval Asia and successfully implemented by the Native American community. The procedure requires to position a lit herbal candle inside an earlap, which results in what should be compared to draught in a chimney where the candle pulls cerumen out of the ear. Handmade candles used for this are made of cotton fibre, wax, honey, powdered herbs and essential oils. It is recommended to undergo a series of procedure in question in order to reach satisfactory results.


  • no actions required


  • purulent effusion from an ear
  • eardrum and internal auditory canal damage
  • cancer disease
  • inclination for frequent nose hemorrhage
  • alergies (bee products in particular)